We produce 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP), a synthetic plant hormone influencing the physiological processes occurring in fruits, vegetables, and flowers. 1-MCP is structurally similar to ethylene, a natural plant hormone responsible for, among others, fruit ripening, but its effect is the opposite. 1-MCP binds to ethylene receptors in plants, blocks their action, and thus slows down the progress of processes caused by ethylene. This results in extended freshness of plant products and preservation of their properties (firmness, taste, smell) for a longer time.

1-MCP is highly reactive and unstable. These properties constitute severe limitations in directly using this hormone in plant production conditions. However, they can be overcome by stabilizing 1-MCP as a complex with natural cyclodextrins. In this way, a durable and safe product is obtained in the form of an easy-to-apply powder. And it is precisely such stabilized 1-MCP that is produced in our company.

Our product is used on an industrial scale to extend the shelf life of plant products. It can be used, depending on the specificity of the crop, before and after harvest. Numerous tests for many plant products, including apples, avocados, grapes, tomatoes, roses, orchids, have confirmed its effectiveness.

1-MCP is a safe molecule for plants, humans, and animals. The benefits of using this product are extensive: it reduces losses resulting from long-term transport of plant products, enables extended storage, and maintains their sound quality for longer.

We aim to prevent food waste and provide the highest quality plant products. That's why we cooperate with FreshInset SA, which uses our product to produce functional stickers containing 1-MCP.